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Tell me if things don't turn up. I just moved from one server to another. :)
Zip files don't work so if you like one background 
Mail me and tell me the name of the set.
I'm working on it.


I received some mails about the downloads of my zip files.
Most of them was broken. I'm very sorry for that.
I have fixed the links now.
I might have missed one so if you run in to a dead link just tell me and I will fix it.


Hi I just put it all out again I have to check all links and stuff here so it's not sure everything is working ok... if you find something odd feel free to Mail me


Like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope I will get some inspiration to do something new here.
I will also thank all of you that still use my stuff and thank you for so many kind mails I have received.
I think I have answered all of them. Had some problem with my mail for a while so if I didn't answered you please write again.
Today we have -8 Celsius and snow everywhere. It's beautiful. :)


I just found 3 sets that I forgot to link to so here you go oldies but goldies. :)

Flower_1 Littlefish Midsummer


Hi again made this a while ago time to let it out. :)



My site is back again it has been gone sins February 12. The server my page was on crashed so they had to fix new stuff.
It feels so very good to be back online again.


A Valentine set.



First of all Happy New Year to ya all.

And what can be better than to start the new year with a new set, maybe something for you guys ?



I made this Christmas set last year but I didn't get it out online had it on my harddrive so here we go. Ho Ho Ho



Made this layout and I dedicate it to my hubby on his 44 birthday. Happy birthday Lasse.



Yepp a new one. :)


And add you link here Users of Eg graphics if you use this layout.


New layout made out of a photo of my own. I love yellow roses. So I hope you like it.
And add you link here Users of Eg graphics if you use this layout.

Yellow Softness


2 New layouts and I hope you can use them as blogs.
Don't forget to add you link here Users of Eg graphics if you use this layout.

Blog is Life Crazy


Hello good folks I'm back :) I have bought my own place & domain feels so wonderful.

So again if you have a link to my place the new address is http://mischy.se/evasgallery/

I know I've been a pain in the behind lol but this (cross my arms and legs) will be the address for a long time to come.



I have now fixed all zip files so now you can now download every set from the link on the specific background you like to have. Then when you have the background/layout up running add your link under Users of Eg graphics.

Yes :) I received the Golden Web Award 2003-2004 I have it on my award page.


Yes a new layout again :)
called Land & Water made it from a photo of mine.

Land & Water


A new layout called Wildflower.

The gallery looked like this before it disappeared.