Eva, that's me, hi =0) I am the one behind Eva's Gallery!
I'm Swedish. Aha, you say, that's why she can't spell or use the grammar correctly. YUPP that's Y.
Tell me if you find strange things in the text.
I will be happy for corrections.

I'm born in the same year that they made that splendid car Cadillac-59. That's back when they knew how to make cars.
We live just outside Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

I'm a mother of three wonderful kids Madeleine-84, Stefan-90 and Nathalie-95. So, there is a lot to do everyday.

Of course, the children have a father =0), Lasse. We met for the first time in 1975.
But it clicked in 1977. We got engaged, and moved together.
Hmm, we are still engaged. Marriage ?? Why? It works fine like it is.
And I have never, not even as a child, had that dream to be a bride.
Ok I'm odd =0)

I started in -97 with my first homepage and almost ended up bold.
I surfed all over to find stuff to use on my site.
Then I started to make my own site and I made so many things that I started my gallery.
I found some pages so beautiful that I still pay them a visit and I am still drooling.
Check on my
Resources page and you will come to great places.

Favorite artist big time David Bowie.

So now you know some more about me.

One more thing a huge tank you to BJ that helped me to fix the English text.
I can't figure out the secret behind
And we love the same hockey team Färjestad. :o)