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This set is called Blurrrr .
Text font Carolingia.
Everything else is made by mois =0)

Download here Blurrrr.Zip
Downloaded  times.

All images+html code in the zip-file.
Made it for 1024x768 but it works in 800x600 to.




This set Blurrrr is the set of the week.
The Swedish version.
Ge kredit där kredit krävs.

Thank you very much Maria.
Tack så jätte mycket.

It's ages sins I made a set. So I hope you like it.
I'm in a bad creativ block
and think that everything I make is ugly and delete set after set.
I have always tryed to make my sets as diffrent as possible,
I don't want you peps come in here and think ok new color same set.
It might be all the time in the Icehall when my son play hockey
 my brain might have turn in to ice.
When it melts it all come back to me. :) If I'm lucky.

Link to this address:

Eva's Gallery ::


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